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Awakening the Spirit of Oneness in All.
Althea is a leading, innovative, and cherished sanctuary for dynamic spiritual education, transformative experience, and compassionate, inclusive community with a focus on the Mystical Path
and the evolution of consciousness!

• Mysticism - The study of awakening, consciousness, and the experience of Oneness in all the world's traditions.

• Responsive - At all levels of our community, we remain open, dynamic, honoring, and evolving.

• Spiritual Practice - We teach, embrace, and uplift the importance of having a spiritual practice.

• Service & Helping - We are committed to expanding our sphere of generosity and care into the world.

• Creative Expression - We embrace diverse and dynamic ways to explore and celebrate the Sacred.

• Wholeness & Healing - We support and acknowledge the whole person and everyone's journey into well being.

• Inclusive & Accepting - We welcome all people, including all views, cultures, genders, races, religions, and creeds that share our journey of community, tolerance, and connection.

• Stewards of Divine Science - We honor and preserve our connection to the Divine Science teachings and Spirit.

• Compassionate Connections - We seek the highest good in all relationships, we love generously and offer our authentic selves.

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