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Dr. C., Lakewood

"Wow. Again, today at Althea knocked my socks off. Eloquent, meaningful, relevant.  In the Flow.

 I feel guided, and yet like there is enough space for me to make my own connections.


I feel like the Sunday service is singing to me. Touchstones of universal principles and yet as if it were all crafted around my own experience.


The briefest connections there feel intimate and nourishing. The messages are inspirational, yet aspirational, encouraging me to be more, yet feeling totally accepted and loved as I am.


It seems there are no topics you avoid, and no false sweetness to pretend life isn't hard sometimes. All this authenticity and raw reality, with a profound sense of the sacred and the feeling that everything will be alright."

Spike A., Denver

"I had the most pleasant, enjoyable, and surprising experience visiting Althea yesterday. I did not expect to hear the name of Martin Luther King, the Slave Mother's poem, a song from Porgy and Best, Amazing Grace, and all that wonderful music! Until then I had never thought of Moses as a metaphor for my own life. Never thought of my life as a mystery unfolding. 


I left feeling uplifted by an energy far different than what I feel leaving a church. I almost felt if I were a Sacred Being, not someone righteous, but special.


Quite a community of spirituality at Althea! Everyone is searching and questioning. Established religion says, "Listen to me. Follow these rules. I know the way. I've got the answer." But, I like being on a Path with signs, guideposts, billboards, and detours. Sometimes the directions get confusing, but help is always there to figure it out. 

Thanks for being there Althea."

Denise, Centennial

"Thank you for your guidance and inspiration, does not even begin to express my gratitude! Your wisdom and love have made such a hugely positive impact on my life.


I'm going through some really hard times with work right now and it's just blowing my mind how strong my faith is and how I love myself.


Obviously I've done a lot of work but would not be where I'm at without your guidance. Everything you offer and the way you offer it supports my own searching, adding and never diminishing. 


Your message last Sunday like so many others was extremely timely. You are such an amazing blessing to me. I really don't have the words to express my thanks and appreciation for Althea in my life."

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