At Althea we do things differently. Rooted in a philosophy of Oneness - God is All - we believe that each person must chart and weather their own unique spiritual journey. In our experience of Spirit as oneness and connection we uncover our gifts, find peace, have fun, and help make the world a better place for all.


We are not a conventional church nor even a typical center. We are a dynamic, diverse, evolving community, committed to supporting, inspiring and challenging all who seek to embrace an expansive way of being and a joyful experience of life. 


We offer a Sunday 10:30 am service and many classes, workshops and special events throughout the week - from yoga to meditation, spiritual psychology to chanting and movie nights.



1400 Williams Street

Denver, Colorado


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"Awakening the Spirit of Oneness in All"

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Althea offers a wide range of classes and activities.

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OUR NEWSLETTER features weekly class updates and descriptions, details of changes and information about the most current and newly added events. 

Every Thursday at 11:00 am MDT join Althea for Jonathan Ellerby's Live Online Explorations: Spiritual Tools & Transcendence in Challenging Times


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*** We'll also post a recording of our live video on our AltheaTV YouTube Channel:  youtube.com/channel/UCp4H70PLqp5binHjTBCa6ZA

Fri, Apr 03
Saints & Shamans: Exploring the Divine Qualities of Quarantine
Teachings, live questions & answers, and guided experiences, including a step-by-step review of how to make your own quarantine a daily sacred quest.
Tue, Apr 14
Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality
In the Footprints of Rumi, Level I with Pouria Montazeri
Explore the principles and practices of Rumi's sacred poetry and teachings in this 8-week course with Pouria Montazeri.

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Althea parking lots are located beside our building to the north and east.

Please look for our red and white Althea parking signs.


The parking area in the alley immediately behind the building, where there are

no signs for Althea, is not ours. Please do not park there.


On Sundays, you can find additional parking at 1410 High Street, on Colfax Avenue, and on 13th, 14th, and Williams Streets.



For most classes at Althea, please enter through the Blue Doors located on Williams Street. For Sunday services and larger special events, please use the beautiful front entry at the corner of 14th and Williams.


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March 8, 2020

Dear Althean,

The outbreak of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has created much concern in the world, our city and our community. Your health and safety are our highest priority.

There are many questions about the outbreak that do not have answers yet, so we are communicating current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As of now, we are implementing and recommending the following precautionary measures:

  • Wash your hands often and carefully with soap for more than 20 seconds.

  • We have placed hand sanitizer bottles around our buildings and classrooms. Please use them.

  • We are a huggy community but ask for permission. Be respectful of others. Let’s continue to welcome friends and strangers, but maybe for now greet with a smile and wave, or an honoring bow with hands in prayer pose.

  • Avoid touching your face, which is how germs spread.

  • Tissues can be found throughout the Center. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Throw the tissue away and wash your hands.

  • Please stay home at the first signs of cold or flu. You could infect others without even knowing it.

  • Our staff is focusing on extensive daily environmental cleaning throughout the building with an emphasis on cleaning high use, public areas.

  • Be aware of any at-risk member who may need guidance or help. Let leadership know if assistance is needed.

  • This is a stressful time. Please try to stay calm.

Developments seem to arise hourly, but we will monitor updates from the CDC, national and local health and government organizations. We will make appropriate adjustments as quickly as possible and communicate with you when we learn more about potential progression. As a community, let's work together for the safety and well-being of everyone at Althea.

Equally important, let us confidently embrace our teaching of our individualized divine expression as Perfect Life, Perfect Love, Perfect Substance. Acknowledging that fear of the virus is part of our shared experience, we are called upon to act with compassion and common sense, and not react from fear. This is an opportunity to move forward together with a deep conviction and recognition of Oneness and Wholeness.

With gratitude and love,
The Board, Jonathan and the Althea Team