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Join us this Sunday!

Sunday services are eclectic, inclusive, and inspiring. 

Drawing on mystical philosophy and wisdom from around the world, our services blend incredible music, powerful prayers, meaningful meditations, diverse readings, and a practical message rooted in an expansive consciousness - always guiding us to healing insights and a personal understanding of God as Oneness and the Spirit of All. 

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What is your focal point? with Rev. Christina Jones

As we wrap up "Freedom is in Focus" for February, Divine focus created the universe & the great spirits in human form. Our humanness requires us to embody the fullness & sacredness focus on light, love, hope & prosperity!

Are feeling your focus? Are you focusing on past? Or finding the treasures of the present moment?

Join us Sunday, Feb 25th, in-person or online to make our focal point focused on the positive of what is possible.

Verena Fuentes is our guest artist!


Althea Center's Spiritual Director: Rev. Christina Jones


Rev. Christina Jones is Althea Center's Spiritual Director and a Religious Science CSL minister, certified personal development coach, inspirational speaker, dietitian, and author.

Prior to her becoming Althea's Spiritual Director, she had been active in the New Thought/New Age movement since childhood. Seven generations of powerful ancestors in her lineage have passed on metaphysical and spiritual principles from her family traditions from Africa and other cultures.

Christina has supported various non-profit foundations, domestic violence shelters, and homeless shelters nationwide. She also supports numerous law enforcement officers in Colorado in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT).

Christina celebrates life with her husband, dances, and thrives in the magical mountains of Denver, Colorado.

Rev. Christina is the founder and creator of, a new CSL-affiliated Focus Ministry, celebrating the Divine Feminine in all.

Christina is "A healing emissary of light for herself and the world."


Featured Musician: Verena Fuentes

We welcome back Verena Fuentes, a talented Mexican singer/songwriter hailing from Mexico City and now based in Denver, CO. Verena’s music is a powerful and emotive blend of contemporary pop, R&B, and neo-soul, infused with her Latin American roots.

With her lyrics, Verena courageously tackles themes of vulnerability, authenticity, and the complexities of the human experience, particularly as a woman, POC, a friend, a daughter, a partner. She strives to use her platform to give voice to her own experiences and those of others like her, making her music both relatable and meaningful.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Verena’s one-of-a-kind sound and poignant storytelling for yourself.

Althea's regular Sunday Gatherings are live-streamed to Facebook and recordings available on Althea's YouTube! If you can't be with us in person, you can still be with us online!

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Althea Center's Beloved Kids Program is Back!
Exciting news for our community beginning Sunday, January 28th  We're thrilled to announce that our greatly cherished Sunday Kids Program is making a comeback! It's time to welcome new and familiar young faces to the newly revitalized space designed just for them.
As many of you remember, our Kids Program was a fountain of joy and learning before the pandemic's pause. We're ready to bring back the fun and engagement in full swing, creating a nurturing and vibrant environment upstairs every Sunday—bubbling with energy, laughter, and creativity.

Here's what's in store for Althea's families:
1. **Kids Program Room Revival**: Drop off starts at 10:10 am each Sunday. We're  on the top floor, at the end of the hall by the bathrooms, ready to welcome all children—babies included! Rest assured, we've got a mixture of games and activities lined up to captivate your kids while you nourish your spirit in the Sunday Service.
2. **Balcony Space**: Prefer to have your little ones close by? Our balcony space is perfect for families who want their children nearby with a touch more freedom to move.
3. **Kids Corner in the Sanctuary**: For those who wish to stay together in the main service, our Kids Corner at the back of the Sanctuary remains an option for your family’s comfort.
**We Need Your Enthusiasm!**
Let's rekindle the sense of community and shared experience that makes Althea so special.
**Spread the Word**: Know a family that could benefit from our Kids Program? Invite them to join us. Your personal recommendation is the greatest endorsement.
This isn't merely a return; it's a rejuvenation of the Althea spirit for our youngest members. Come Sunday, lead your children to a place where they can thrive and explore while you partake in the serenity of our services.
Thank you for being the heart of Althea. We cannot wait to see our community bloom anew with the sounds and joys of our youngest spirits by our side.
Ginny Castleberry is the Program Coordinator. 


God is all, both invisible and visible

One Presence, One Mind, One Power is All

This One that is All

Is Perfect Life, Perfect Love, and Perfect Substance

We are individualized expressions of God

And are ever one with this

Perfect Life, Perfect Love, and Perfect Substance

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