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Join us this Sunday!

Sunday services are eclectic, inclusive, and inspiring. 

Drawing on mystical philosophy and wisdom from around the world, our services blend incredible music, powerful prayers, meaningful meditations, diverse readings, and a practical message rooted in an expansive consciousness - always guiding us to healing insights and a personal understanding of God as Oneness and the Spirit of All. 

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Join us this Sunday, Jan 29, as Rev. Elzia Sekou explores a new approach to life.

Throughout history the Cave has represented or been seen as a symbol of everything from the underworld, the unconscious, the womb of creation as well as a sacred retreat where we seek healing, refuge and a place to commune with the Divine. During this talk, we will explore the transformative properties of the cave and its comparison to the past few years as we seek to be reborn into a new way of living.


All are welcome. Stay for our community lunch directly afterwards! We'll also have an in-person Deep Dive at 12:30 pm with Rev. Elzia Sekou to explore the Sunday message further.

We need lunch volunteers, specifically Lunch Prep at 9am and Lunch Cleanup at 12:15. If this calls to you, please talk to Sarma on Sunday or email:


Featured Speaker: Rev. Elzia Sekou

Rev. Elzia Sekou is the Sr. Minister at CSL Denver and a current member of the CSL Ministerial Counsel. Professionally, Rev. Elzia serves as the Lead Application Engineer at LTCI Partners LLC/NFP, focusing on IT strategy, process improvements and system transformation. Additionally, Rev. Elzia serves on NFP’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Advisory Board and as the Co-leader of The Black Professionals – Business Resource Group.

He is a former college professor, past chair of Cultural Diversity and Human Relations Commission for the city of Lakewood CO, a Special Focus/ Young Adult minister at Mile Hi Church and was former Islamic Imam. He is an avid student of ancient wisdom traditions focusing on Ancient Egypt (Kemet), Islam & The Tao.

He holds a B.S. degree in Management from Florida A&M University and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from the City College of NY. He’s a strong advocate for community building and has been active in servicing the community by sitting on several boards, participating as a member of the Denver Juvenile Drug Court and conducting Rites of Passage Programs.

He’s a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather and has lived in 5 states and Australia giving him a unique perspective on relationship building and cultural differences. His motto is “ Don’t go where there’s a path, go where there is no path and leave a trail.


Featured Musician: Matthew Quiggley


Matthew Quiggley is a local musician who is currently a chef and yoga instructor at Althea. Singing and playing guitar since he was ten Matthew is currently working on a a spiritual album of twenty two songs dedicated to universal love and peace. The album is being released one song at a time, so currently three songs are available on all online music applications. In addition he plays his songs, which he calls songs of devotion, during his yoga nidra classes at Althea, or what he likes to call yoga with pillows.

Althea's Sunday Gatherings are live-streamed to Facebook and recordings available on Althea's YouTube! If you can't be with us in person, you can still be with us online!

Althea Center's Facebook:

Althea Center's YouTube:

Althea Center's Children's Corner!

Althea Center's Children's Corner is ready to welcome your little ones so that you can fully be part of the gathering. 


Located in the back of the sanctuary, with books, paper, markers, and stuffed animals! During our Sunday gatherings, children can hear/see what is going on in the sanctuary and parents can see their children and have easy access if the need arises.

A full Children's Program is still in the future, but we hope we are making it easier for the whole family to enjoy Althea.


God is all, both invisible and visible

One Presence, One Mind, One Power is All

This One that is All

Is Perfect Life, Perfect Love, and Perfect Substance

We are individualized expressions of God

And are ever one with this

Perfect Life, Perfect Love, and Perfect Substance

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