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Mariposa = Butterfly = Transformation

MARIPOSA envisions an open and safe community for all — connecting LGBTQ+ individuals with each other and the world around them.


We are a local LGBTQ+ resource that, through our programs and activities:

  • nurtures respect for self and others

  • provides educational opportunities

  • seeks collaboration with others 

  • values compassion and integrity

  • encourages self-expression 

  • celebrates authenticity

  • promotes self-acceptance and wholeness. 

Transition Time is Here!

From Tim Wilson: 

It’s time for me to transition out of my role as volunteer director for Mariposa, the Althea Center’s LGBTQ+ program. Including the preliminary planning that was done with Dr. Jonathan Ellerby and Rev. Jody Stevens, I have committed six years specifically to this program. (There were 2-3 years of programming which Dr. Jonathan and I organized before that, too.)


At 73 years old, I have some other projects at home that I need to focus on — without distraction — through year-end.  And that’s as far ahead as I want to look right now. . .

After meeting with Althea Center's President, Bob Bercaw, together we've outlined Mariposa's next steps:

  1. Gage the level of interest during the month of August:

    1. That means ….. Anyone interested in participating — as outlined below —


  2. Present to the Althea membership some ideas we had to make this successful:

    • Let’s create a TEAM to manage the Mariposa program.

    • Different areas of interest/involvement might include:

      • plan for monthly programs

        (or a different schedule; perhaps two volunteers here for brainstorming ideas)

      • promote those programs via social media

        (to augment/complement what Susan already does for Althea in general)

      • prepare and send an electronic newsletter/other communication

        (perhaps just twice a month)

      • plan and coordinate a potluck dinner

        (once or twice a year)

      • plan and organize a group theatre outing

        (once or twice a year)

      • plan and organize other kinds of social activities

        (once or twice a year)

    • Tim will be available as a consultant for orientation and/or training and/or sharing contacts for any of the above interest/involvement areas.

    • A TEAM might consist of 4-5 individuals interested in some of the above interest/involvement areas.

T     = Together we will be successful


   = Each one’s interest area uplifted


   = Always leading with love


   = Mariposa!

3. Let the Althea Board assess the responses and interest level for continuing Mariposa during September.


4. By end of September, the Board communicates to the membership the outcome of this process.


That’s it!  I hope you will seriously consider getting involved at some level.  The TEAM concept will carry us forward successfully.


It’s been an honor to serve in this capacity, but it’s time for a change.



Tim Wilson

monarch migration.jpg


Community of Love

Freedom of Migration for All Creation!

Sponsorship benefits:

  • T-shirt with monarch butterflies
    & above slogan


Monarch Caterpillar.jpg

Monarch Caterpillar

Eat Well, Be Well

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Showing your support of all Mariposa's programs




Adult Monarch Butterfly

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Magnet of monarch butterfly with slogan “No Borders” 


Monarch Egg.jpg

Monarch Egg

Potential for a Full Life

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Showing your support of all Mariposa's programs



Monarch Chrysalis

Miracle of Transformation

Sponsorship benefits:

  • A butterfly souvenir from the Mariposa office 


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Milkweed Plant

The Foundation of Monarch Life

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Showing your support of all Mariposa's programs


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