Mariposa = Butterfly = Transformation

MARIPOSA envisions an open and safe community for all — connecting LGBTQ+ individuals with each other and the world around them.


We are a local LGBTQ+ resource that, through our programs and activities:

  • nurtures respect for self and others

  • provides educational opportunities

  • seeks collaboration with others 

  • values compassion and integrity

  • encourages self-expression 

  • celebrates authenticity

  • promotes self-acceptance and wholeness. 

In the second half of 2019 and before the COVID-19 pandemic, “Mariposa: Embracing Wholeness” had made a commitment to the Althea Center to offer programming for First Wednesday Diversity Dialogues 10 times a year (monthly except January and July).  In addition, from our beginning just three years ago, we have worked to create engaging public events for the larger Denver community.


Now we have brought together 13 nonprofit partners to create a 4-week program series in September 2020, “LOVE ACROSS BORDERS: Immigration is an LGBTQ Issue.” With this effort, we want to create a Win/Win/Win/Win scenario.  We want to be able to give small stipends to the asylum seekers who will be sharing their migration stories (they are not allowed to work) and to the entertainers whose livelihoods have been severely impacted by the pandemic.  We want to support a Latinx-owned business and their employees, and some of our community’s food trucks, too.  And we want to have this programming professionally recorded (our biggest expense), so a quality product can be shared on Althea’s YouTube channel.


In order to create such a Win/Win/Win/Win scenario, we need your generous support.  


Community of Love

Freedom of Migration for All Creation!

Sponsorship benefits:

  • T-shirt with monarch butterflies
    & above slogan


Monarch Caterpillar

Eat Well, Be Well

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  • Showing your support of all Mariposa's programs



Adult Monarch Butterfly

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

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  • Magnet of monarch butterfly with slogan “No Borders” 


Monarch Egg

Potential for a Full Life

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Monarch Chrysalis

Miracle of Transformation

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  • A butterfly souvenir from the Mariposa office 


Milkweed Plant

The Foundation of Monarch Life

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  • Showing your support of all Mariposa's programs






At Althea we do things differently. Rooted in a philosophy of Oneness - God is All - we believe that each person must chart and weather their own unique spiritual journey. In our experience of Spirit as oneness and connection we uncover our gifts, find peace, have fun, and help make the world a better place for all.


We are not a conventional church nor even a typical center. We are a dynamic, diverse, evolving community, committed to supporting, inspiring and challenging all who seek to embrace an expansive way of being and a joyful experience of life. 


We offer a Sunday 10:30 am service and many classes, workshops and special events throughout the week - from yoga to meditation, spiritual psychology to chanting and movie nights.



1400 Williams Street

Denver, Colorado


For information about classes, events, and rentals, email:

For information about volunteering, email:

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"Awakening the Spirit of Oneness in All"

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