Energetic Spiritual Academy

a personal growth program

Energetic Spiritual Academy, a personal growth program

Taught by Rev. Suzanne Hunt

A series of 7-week class modules based on the empowering concepts of using intention and attention to create, shift and release energy. Classes are taught through instruction, guided meditation, and discussion. Learn to open up your energetic awareness, live from your own truth, and create space for the growth and change you desire.  


Module 1 provides a foundation of energy tools to calm, clear, and uplift the body, spirit, and mind.

Module 2 teaches structured tools and formats to expand self-awareness and build trust for your intuition.

Modules 3 through 8 provide advanced studies designed to release old patterns that no longer support, broaden your perspectives, and prompt new insights to enrich and transform your life.    

I truly enjoyed the class. [These are] the tools that I had been looking for so long.

Loved the class. 

So helpful & practical. 

Already making a difference.


There are eight core learning Modules to enrich and transform your life.


Register for Healing Meditation 1 - Energy Awareness 

Join the 7-week class starting Tues evenings, Aug 24 at 6:30 pm MT


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Register for Healing Meditation 2 - Intuitive Awareness

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Register for Healing Meditation 3 - Relationships 

Aug 14 – Oct 2  (no class Labor Day weekend)


Register for Healing Meditation 4 - Empowerment 

Aug 25 – Oct 6, 2021, $170


Register for Healing Meditation 5 - Manifestation

Oct 27 – Dec 8, 2021


Register for Healing Meditation 6 - Spiritual Anatomy

 Oct 23 – Dec 11, 2021 (no class Nov 27)


Register for Healing Meditation 7 - Spiritual Growth

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Register for Healing Meditation 8 - Astral Body

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Rev. Suzanne Hunt
Suzanne is an empathic clairvoyant, healer, and spiritual teacher who brings intuitive insight to help energize your spiritual path and personal growth.  

She inspires her clients and students to discover their own intuitive wisdom, personal truth, and expansive ability to create.
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