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Althea has survived and thrived for nearly 100 years through the generous donations of community members, friends, and guests.

Please make your donation here online and consider becoming an Evergreen Member with a regular monthly contribution.


At Althea, the donation of time and talent is what enables us to serve

more and share our love and magic with the world.

Many hands make light work and we would be so grateful for your gift of service. We are always grateful to our amazing volunteers.


The easiest way to pay for a class is online and by credit or debit card.

Check out classes and events currently being offered at Althea.


Althea is a community.

More than a center, a sacred place, a church, a historic site for workshops and classes, we are the spiritual home to a growing number of people in Colorado.

As a community, together, we pay the bills, improve the facilities, manage the events, and serve our surrounding area. There is no "them" who looks after us. There is only us.

Together, through financial generosity and volunteer time and talent,

we make Althea possible.

Thank you.

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