Althea Center COVID-19 Guidelines

Beloved Althea Community,

Our community needs to make some adjustments based on this pandemic’s grip on our world, but I didn’t think it’d hit so fast or so close to home. After meeting with the Board, we’ve decided that for the next two weeks, all Althea events — including Sunday Services for all of January will be virtual. We will reassess often and keep you as up to date as possible. 

Three important things:

1. We value your health, your life, and your loved ones. This decision was made in hopes of keeping Altheans safe (and still connected online!) 

2. I’m looking forward to ritualizing in new and intimate ways on our Facebook live stream and YouTube replay. Moments like this can feel like a separation, but we all have the choice to lean into co-creating sacred space with us in our  own home. 

3. In 2020, my sister and I created five Soul Soundscapes for patients, caregivers, family, and mourners emotionally taxed due to the pandemic. Here’s one if you’re experiencing Covid and another if you’re a family member who can’t be with your loved one.

Thank you for being part of our Althea community, especially in times of change. I love witnessing the power of people coming together for our shared values and spiritual connection. Please continue to be vigilant regarding your health, and always grateful for your IRL and online presence!

Affirming your health and wholeness,

Katherine Newell, MDiv

Althea Spiritual Director 

UPDATED AS OF JAN. 12th, 2022