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This Sunday at Althea Center

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Esoteric Christ with Dr. Patty Luckenbach

We will observe and explore the season of light. Opening into the esoteric mystery of the appointed, anointed light of the Christ. Celebrate the gift of the realization of our cosmic Christed light. Join us on December 10th as we come together to realize the light of harmonic love.

All are welcome. Stay for our community lunch directly afterward if you are with us in person!

If you are unable to physically attend, we will also live-stream our gathering on our Facebook page starting at 10:30am MT. Make sure you turn on notifications for Althea on Facebook so you can be notified as soon as we go live. During the gathering, we invite you to submit your prayers, comments, and feedback.


Guest Speaker: Dr. Patty Luckenback


Dr. Patty Luckenbach has been a minister for Mile Hi Church for many years. Her life is also dedicated to the indigenous beliefs in which we are all a part of the Creator’s expression she has been an honorary member of the Rose Bud Lakota Nation for over thirty years. Patty beholds the care of Earth and the compassionate care of each individual whether they are rad, yellow, black or white. Dr. Patty is co-leader of Mile Hi Churches’ Earth Ministry


Featured Musician: Chadrick Dickerson


Chadrick Dickerson is a vocalist with a focus in Celtic, Operatic, and intuitively guided singing styles. His music is influenced by artists such as Loreena McKennitt, Barbra Streisand, and his own spiritual guides. Chadrick also sings light language, which has its origins in his higher self's higher existence. He sang with the Gay Mens Chorus in St. Louis as well as with the Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir. Chadrick is a new member at Althea Center and is excited to share his musical gifts with his newfound spiritual community.

Althea's regular Sunday Gatherings are live-streamed to Facebook and recordings available on Althea's YouTube! If you can't be with us in person, you can still be with us online!

Althea Center's Facebook:

Althea Center's YouTube:

Be the Light-bearer! with Rev. Christina Jones

Candlelight Service begins at 4:00 pm


In the heart of night, where stars softly gleam,
Amidst melodies that paint a sacred scene,
Gather in grace, as spirits unite,
"Be the Light Bearer," this Christmas Eve night.

With music that dances and messages soar,
Rev. Christina's wisdom opens a door.
Candles aglow, in a ritual's embrace,
We find inspiration, in this sacred space.

Come, join in harmony, let spirits soar high,
In this moment of wonder, where souls amplify.
At Althea Center, where love takes flight,
Be the Light Bearer, this Christmas Eve night.

We'll have Powerful Readings, Heart-warming Carols, and a Special Message from Rev. Christina Jones

This inclusive & joyous Christmas Eve service is for the entire family!

Althea Center's Children's Corner!

Althea Center's Children's Corner is ready to welcome your little ones so that you can fully be part of the gathering. 


Located in the back of the sanctuary, with books, paper, markers, and stuffed animals! During our Sunday gatherings, children can hear/see what is going on in the sanctuary and parents can see their children and have easy access if the need arises.

A full Children's Program is still in the future, but we hope we are making it easier for the whole family to enjoy Althea.

Althea Center Classes & Events

Discover more about our upcoming classes and events on Althea's Classes page!


We Invite you to Althea Center's Holiday Banquet Gala, Winters Gift!
In the heart of December’s embrace, amidst the frost-kissed air and softest lace…
There lies a tradition, a moment so bright,
Winter's Gift at Althea Center, a magical night.
A soirée of wonder, a tapestry divine,
Where holiday magic and connection entwine!
Cocktails and mocktails, a symphony of delight!
Shimmering elixirs to elevate the night. 
Sip, laugh, and savor in joyful cheer
As we unwrap the blessings of this time of year.

Chef Tom Flautt, a maestro of cuisine
Shall craft a feast, a masterpiece to be seen!
Prime Rib's succulence and flavors grand, a vegetarian option, divine and planned.
Tickets will be on sale through Tuesday December 5th:
$60 per adult ticket, $110 multiples of two adult tickets, $10 children's ticket.

**If you are interested in volunteering, we have a limited number of special volunteer tickets. Please contact for more information.

Copy of Community Connections 2021.png

All are welcome to join Althea Center's Community Connections each Thursday! This group helps us stay connected to one another and share openly.


11:00 am - 12:30 pm MST

Led by Kathy Humphreys

NEW Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 880 6919 0258
Passcode: 503877

Community Connections will not be meeting the remainder of July. The group will resume in Aug.

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality is turning 100!

We're asking 1,000 supporters to each donate $100
and help us reach our goal!

$100 x 1,000 = $100,000

Help us raise $100,000 for the restoration & preservation
of our 100 year-old Sanctuary!

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality is proud to celebrate 100 years of believing in the human capacity for enlightenment, and our primary intention is to elevate the spiritual awareness of our entire human community for freedom of all beings and the betterment of the world. The Althea Center leads, hosts, and facilitates inspiring experiences, engaging programs, and public events that foster diversity, integrity, and an inclusive approach to spiritual practice and mystical awakening.

More recent Althea programs and community involvements have included the Women’s Homelessness Initiative and Mariposa, its LGBTQ+ program. In addition to the many classes and other offerings for its members and the public, the Althea Center is currently home to three non-profits: St. Francis Center, Sisters of Color United for Education, and Spirit of the Sun. These non-profits each address needs in our community such as homelessness, food insecurity, indigenous/native youth and elders, and community health and education. The Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality does not discriminate when offering sacred space and freely open our doors to identities usually cast out of many mainstream religious places, such as community-based group meetings (gender, sexual orientation, generational, etc.), Alcoholics Anonymous, occult/moon rituals, yoga, therapists for LGBTQ+ individuals, midwifery/doula training, etc. 


The Althea Center needs the help of the larger community to continue its effort to restore and preserve its beautiful landmark building. Donations of $100 are requested from 1,000 individuals and businesses to repair and revitalize the sanctuary and other parts of the interior, which are suffering from years of accumulated water damage, aging, and other challenges.

In 2017, Althea members contributed $80,000 for a capital campaign in order to qualify for $250,000 in state historic preservation funds to repair the 1922 building’s roof and skylights. Then, in 2019, Althea members again stepped forward in response to a second capital campaign, raising about $70,000 to qualify for another $200,000 in state historical funds to repair the exterior terra cotta detail and some additional roof areas of the 1922 building, as well as to resurface the roof of the 1955 addition.

Now that the structure’s roofs, skylights and exterior have been repaired and the building is safe from future water damage, it’s time to focus on the needed repairs to the interior, which do not qualify for historic preservation funds. Thus the $100 x 1,000 = $100,000 Campaign on the occasion of the building’s 100th year! And this time around, we need the community’s help!

The Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality, for decades known as the First Divine Science Church of Denver, has been a foundational part of the greater Capitol Hill community for 100 years. Over the past century, it has been a spiritual home for thousands, who have come from all walks of life and religious/spiritual backgrounds. This historic building was the Mother Church of the Divine Science denomination and also housed its divinity school, the Colorado College of Divine Science, which was incorporated back in 1898.


Celebrate our 100 year anniversary with the gift of your donation for the restoration & preservation
of our 100 year-old Sanctuary!

 "Service is the Loving Energy of our Interconnection made visible.

Be generous with the world and the world will become

beautiful and abundant for you."

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