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This Sunday at Althea Center

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Join us this Sunday for "Health and Harmony with Father Energy" with Rev. Kelly Robbins

Father’s Day is a sacred opportunity to recognize the many ways Father energy shows up in our lives. We explore how to live in harmony with ourselves and others and cultivate a fresh sense of what masculine energy contributes to us all. Imagine the love you demonstrate being a beacon of healthy father energy and focusing it on ways that promote healing, love and oneness!

You're invited to join us this Sunday, June 16th, as Kelly Robbins explores the sacredness of the Divine Masculine.
Sage Singers Gala Chorus will be joining us as our Featured Music!


Guest Speaker: Rev. Kelly Robbins

Rev. Kelly brings a modern voice to ancient teachings, empowering us to live our lives fully using the principles of love and universal law. Kelly is a frequent contributor to the Science of Mind magazine and is the author of Trust Your Next Step: Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks. She also produces the Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins Podcast.

Kelly believes that by living our divine purpose, approaching life as a fun adventure, and trusting our next step, we can all live our lives filled with purpose and passion. Kelly is a mom of three, a grandmother, and an avid skier.


Featured Musician: Sage Singers GALA Chorus


The Sage Singers is a 501(c)3 non profit chorus dedicated to providing LGBTQ+ and allied elders opportunities for quality artistic expression.

Our mission is to celebrate the lives of LGBTQ elders through story and song, to create a safe and supportive community for LGBTQ elders, and to serve and engage the general public by sharing our music.

Althea's regular Sunday Gatherings are live-streamed to Facebook and recordings available on Althea's YouTube! If you can't be with us in person, you can still be with us online!

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Althea Center Classes & Events

Discover more about our upcoming classes and events on Althea's Classes page!

Embodied Boundaries and Self-Love - 

Women Only with Linda Zizlavska

Four Thursdays: June 6th-June 27, 2024

5:45 - 7:00 pm

Our time together will include:

~ Somatic practices rooted in hatha and kundalini yoga, selective Qigong and Feldenkrais exercises, with focus on somatic psychology and mindful embodiment.

~ Reflection and Journaling

~ Authentic relating and sharing with other Women



There will be an opportunity to “take home” a short somatic practice after each class. 


$100 for 4 Class Series 

$25 Drop In

Join Heather and Rick for an afternoon of connecting to Spirit. Heather, a heartfelt Medium, will help you understand the support that surrounds you and Rick, a well-known Psychic Tarot Reader, helps give you clarity and purpose in life. Together they will bring an afternoon of surprise and delight. Each one is talented in connecting with Spirit for your highest and best. Some audience members will receive a detailed reading, and all members are encouraged to participate in the question-and-answer forum with Spirit. Everyone will benefit from the experience.

 "Service is the Loving Energy of our Interconnection made visible.

Be generous with the world and the world will become

beautiful and abundant for you."

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